About The QB Mentor Book

In a book that is part memoir, part inspirational guide, Scott Stankavage called in former college head coach and quarterback guru, Steve Wilson, to help mentor his son, Shawn. While Shawn reels from a devastating injury that threatens to end his college career before it ever begins, Scott realizes that Coach Wilson’s wisdom is applicable to life far from the football field and has the ability to impact the lives of football players and non-athletes alike.


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The QB Mentor is an inspirational story that artfully mixes elements of fatherhood, coaching, and faith. Readers from all walks of life, not just football fans, will be uplifted by how Scott, Shawn, and Coach Wilson deal with the challenges life presents. 

— Darrin D. Gray – ALL PRO DAD National Partnership Director

This book is the wonderful story of Steve Wilson and Scott Stankavage coming together to tutor and father a young quarterback who faced adversity and challenges on the path to his dreams. 

— Dan Reeves — Three-time Super Bowl head coach (Broncos and Falcons)vand NFL Coach of the year (New York Giants)